Victorian Freemasonry and The Building of Tilbury Docks

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The opening of Tilbury Docks, 1886 Picture courtesy of Essex Record Office

Richard Burrell’s presentation is entitled “Victorian Freemasonry and The Building of Tilbury Docks” is the topic of our next meeting on September 18th at 8pm at Saxon Hall.

The presentation is an extract from a paper which the Thurrock Local History Society is planning to publish next year.

The building of Tilbury Docks was the catalyst which brought the founders together in 1884 to form Tilbury Lodge and the problems which occurred on the project very nearly destroyed the Lodge.

The paper covers the construction of the docks and a profile of the key players in that construction and the founding of the lodge. Richard came across these problems by accident as they have been completely omitted from the 1934 and 1984 histories of the lodge.

Richard Burrell is a director of a firm of consulting engineers who specialise in the costs aspects of projects in the oil industry. He was initiated into Thames Mouth Lodge in 1981 and was installed as Master of the Lodge in 1994. He has been associated with Tilbury Lodge firstly as a PIG (Permanently Invited Guest), and then as a member since 1982. Installed as Master of Tilbury Lodge in 2011, he is currently their Secretary.

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