08 Mar 2018

SMSC March Meeting

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The Southchurch Masonic Study Circle will have it’s March Meeting on March 8th at 8pm at Saxon Hall Masonic Centre. The talk for this evening is entitled: ” The life and Masonic career of Rudyard Kipling”. This talk will include the recitation of some of Rudyard Kipling’s Masonic Poems. Non-members are welcome. The meeting will […]

11 Dec 2017

December Meeting

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The December 14th 2017 Meeting of the Southchurch Masonic Study Circle has a talk by WBro Terry Lockhart PJGD, PProvSGW as it’s centre-point. The talk is a whistle stop tour covering the union, the milestones and the set backs, from the Goose & Grid Iron Alehouse in 1717 to the present day 300 years later.. […]

07 Sep 2016

Next meeting 15th September 2016

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The next meeting of the Southchurch Masonic Study Circle will take place at Saxon Hall on the 15th September 2016 at 8pm. There will be a talk by W.Bro. Bernard Williamson entitled “Lucky Peter Williamson ” Lucky Peter Williamson, a Scottish Freemason who was kidnapped, sold into slavery, captured by red Indians, shot by the […]

22 Feb 2016

Next Meeting 10th March

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In order to avoid a clash with the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting on the 17th March, the Study Circle Meeting will take place a week earlier on the 10th March 2016 at the usual time of 8pm

14 May 2015

150th Meeting 21st May 2015

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The next meeting of the Southchurch Masonic Study Circle will be a landmark 150th meeting. As usual it will be held at Southend Masonic Centre, Saxon Hall at 7:30 for the AGM for members only. The main meeting will start at 8pm and is open to any mason who would like to attend, or even […]

20 Nov 2014

SMSC Summons 11th December 2014

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Nearly another year over as we approach the final 2014 SMSC meeting in December. We have celebrated the memory of fallen Brethren and all those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice in the 100th anniversary of the great war, which I am sure gave us all time for reflection. At this meeting, we are […]

04 Nov 2014

Next Meeting 11th December

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Our next meeting is on the 11th December at 8pm at the Saxon Hall Masonic Centre.  This will be our annual Cheese and Wine event. V WBro Peter Holland, a member of the Southchurch Masonic Study Circle will be giving a talk entitled “The role of a Deputy Provincial Grand Master” As usual visitors and […]

19 Aug 2014

Dates of future meetings & details of New Secretary Bob Vine

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All meetings are held at 8pm in the Maplin Suite of the Southend Masonic Centre at Saxon Hall, Aviation Way, Southend.   Thursday 11th  December 2014 2015 3rd Thursdays in 19 March 21 May 17 September 2nd Thursday in December 10 December for more information, please contact Bob Vine, SMSC Secretary emailaddress:   Phone 07799643240

01 Jul 2014

Next Meeting 18 September 2014 and Summons

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SMSC-Summons 18th September 2014 A presentation  by W Bro Richard Burrell about Victorian Freemasonry in Tilbury Docks

13 Jun 2014

AGM New Officers

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The AGM of the SMSC was held before the last meeting on June 12th. The full minutes will be published at a later date, but the following officers were elected: Chairman – W Bro Mark Perkins Secretary – Bro Bob Vine Treasurer – W Bro Mike Wilson Webmasters – W Bro Ian Whitley and Bro […]