400th Anniversary of Aitchison’s Haven Lodge

July 1, 2014 by MikeB
                              The 400th Anniversary
                                     of the
                      Oldest Masonic Records in the World.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland is custodian of the oldest Lodge records in the world being those of Aitchison’s Haven. The first entry in the Minute Books of that Lodge is dated 9th January 1598. Prior to 1602 the Scottish New Year began on 25th March. By modern reckoning, therefore, the anniversary will not take place until 9th January 1999. It must be said immediately that this Lodge no longer exists. The oldest records of a Lodge which is in existence still are those belonging to The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel), No.1. The existing minutes of that Lodge commence on 31st July 1599.

THE LATE BROTHER R. E. WALLACE-JAMES, P. M. Lodge St John Kilwinning, No. 57

(From 1852, when the Lodge became dormant, the Minute Book was in the possession of the descendants of one of the last members of the Lodge. It was put up for sale by auction in July 1980 and purchased by Grand Lodge.)

Aitchison’s Haven would be searched for in vain in any modern map, and even locally the name is all but unknown. It lay to the east of Musselburgh between Levenhall and the little harbour of Morrison’s Haven in the County of Midlothian. It had its origin from a Charter of King James V dated 1526 and in all probability the Lodge would date from about that time. By this Charter the Monks of Newbattle were authorised to form a harbour within the lands then belonging to them, for the purpose of shipping the coal won, even at that early period, from the extensive coalfields of the Barony of Prestongrange. The harbour was first called the Millhaven and it is referred to under this name in the earlier Minutes. The name was afterwards changed to that of Aitchison’s Haven. Of the actual foundation of the Lodge, however, we have no trace in the Minute Book.

The Minute Book consists of some seventy-five written pages, bound (though the pages are now loose) in sheepskin, and measures about 15 by 53⁄4 inches. The edges of the leaves are more or less tattered, as might naturally be expected, and though in one or two places a few words are illegible the writing is in good condition and, from its archaic appearance, there can be no doubt of the genuineness of the manuscript being, as it purports to be, the Minute Book of the old Lodge of Aitchison’s Haven. The volume is designated as “The Buik of the Actis and Ordinans of the Nobile Maisteris and fellows of Craft of the Ludg of Aitchison’s heavine,” and contains a “catalogue of the names of the fellows of Craft that ar presently in the Zeir of God 1598. ”

The five earliest Minutes ante-date the famous Minute of “Ultimo Julij 1599′ of the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel), No. l. Like its famous compeer, the chronological sequence of the Minutes leaves much to be desired, the same page in many instances containing Minutes widely separated in date for instance, following the Minute of 2nd January 1600, on the same page, appear Minutes of 27th December l669 and 27th December 1670. No doubt the clerk at that time, finding a blank half page, economically utilised the space by writing these Minutes there, and took credit to himself for so doing.

The very first Minute is particularly interesting from the fact that it contains the names of three signatories to the first of the St Clair Charters, who signed as representing the Lodge of Aitchison’s Haven namely: George Aitoun, John Fender and Thomas Petticruif. Brother D. Murray Lyon in his transcript of the St Clair Charter, or rather we should perhaps say in copying the earlier transcript as found in Laurie’s History of Freemasonry, gives the name of one of the signatories as “Jo Fwsetter”. This is clearly a mistake for “John Fender” as may be seen by a reference to the Charter itself as well as to the fact being corroborated by the Minute above referred to. The Minutes of the Lodge show that this John Fender was at that date the Warden of the Lodge.

Like all other old Scottish Trade Incorporations the Lodge was at first ruled and governed by a Warden and a Deacon with a Clerk to attend to the clerical work, an office for which it was sometimes a little difficult to find an occupant. Later the relative position of the two principal office-bearers was reversed, the senior office-bearer being the Deacon with the Warden as second in command. It is not until the year 1825, in a subsequent Minute Book, that we first find the senior office-bearer designated as “Master”. By the fourth decade of the eighteenth century we have Managers, Key-keepers and other office-bearers, including the Keeper of the Mort-cloth, added to the executive of the Lodge. In the early days of the seventeenth century it was unusual in many country places to bury the dead in coffins, and the corpse on its way to the grave was covered with a pall (of black velvet or other material) which belonged usually to the Kirk Session of the Parish, though many Societies possessed their own. The cloth was hired out for the use of the parishioners or members of the societies and this was a source of considerable income to the owners of it, the hire varying according to whether the deceased was a member of the craft or a stranger.

The meetings of the Lodge were held at various places in the neighbourhood Musselburgh, Fisherrow, Inveresk Kirk, Prestonpans and Dalkeith – as well as at the home base, Aitchison’s Haven. For many years the meeting place was Prestonpans or Musselburgh. As a rule there was only one meeting in each year, upon St John’s Day, 27th December, but we have several Minutes of incidental meetings. Some of these were meetings of “a pairt of the companie” or of the Committee and at many of them we find that members were admitted to the craft. When, however, members were admitted at such meetings we usually find that at a subsequent regular meeting these brethren were “re-entered and passed” – for instance, under date 27th Decr: 1734 “Re-entered one Adam Ritchardson entered at Dalkeith June the 24th day 1734.” There seems to have been nothing irregular in such a method of entering members and from other sources we know that it was a very general custom throughout Scotland at that time.

Continually we have instances in the Minutes of brethren adhibiting their Mason’s Marks or of such marks being engrossed, while we are told that the brother had “payit his cess for his buking” or “hes payit his Buiking silver” or “payit for his mark”. The earliest recorded mark appears under the date 28th Dec. 1603. These marks were chosen by, or assigned to, the members of the Company when they were entered apprentices and did not constitute, as we now know it, a separate degree. At this early date there is no trace of anything but one degree, for although there are repeated references in the Minutes to prentices, fellows of Craft and maisteris, all these grades of operative workmen were present not only when members were entered, but also when prentices were admitted as fellows of craft. The terms “fellow craft” and “maister” were simply distinctions in an operative sense implying that the apprentice had served the requisite time and had thus completed his Indenture. It did not refer to any degree in a speculative meaning of the term as we now use it.

At the opening of the minutes we find that the fee payable by an intrant was twenty shillings and, in addition, he had to supply gloves to every master present. In the case of the entry of a freeman’s son the fee was modified to ten

shillings, though the gloves were in such a case also demanded. Of course it must be kept in mind that the money was Scots, that is only one twelfth of its sterling equivalent, consequently twenty shillings equalled only one shilling and eight pence, but here again we must take into account the relative purchasing power of these sums then and now before we can make any satisfactory comparison. As to the material and price of the gloves the Minutes leave us entirely in the dark and we have only contemporary records available if we would proceed with our investigations in this line. We learn, however, from the Minutes of the Lodge of Melrose, that in 1695 the price of gloves presented by prentices there was to be four shillings, while fellow crafts had to give gloves of the value of five shillings per pair.

From the Minutes we find that apprentices on being admitted chose two brethren as tutors or instructors – “tendars” or “intenders” as we find them repeatedly called. In the earlier pages there are many instances of the terms of service of apprentices being recorded, with the names of their masters and their cautioners:

for instance: ” xxvii day of Decr: 1612 Ye quhilk day befoir ye said Ludg Johne Aytoun soun to Wm. Aytoun and hes bund him self to his said father ye space of vii zeiris and ane zeir swa [illegible] and [illegible] to serve his mother [illegible] te said space gif god take his father. ”

Again under 3rd Jan. 1614, “befor ye said Ludge Ninian Munguinerie son to Ninian Mungumerie hes bund himself to [illegible] ye space of nyne zeiris and shall serve his father and mother undoring ye said space.”

And under the same date as the last, “The quhilk day befoir ye said Ludg Johne Petticruif soun to Hendrie Petticruif and hes bund himself to his said father ye space of aucht zeiris and shall his mother during his prentischip gif his father sall inlek.”

From these entries we learn that the term of the apprenticeship varies, and also the fact that in the event of the decease of the master to whom he was bound his widow, or in the cases above quoted the apprentice’s mother, was to have right to his services until the termination of the indenture. From this it is clearly evident that the Lodge at this time whatever it may have become later, was of a strictly operative character. We do not say that its members were drawn exclusively from the operative class, though undoubtedly it was the case with the large majority, but we have instances of others. For example in 1672 ” Alexr: Seaton brother germane to the Right Honorabill Earll of Winton entered prenteis & fellow of Craft.”

And again in 1693 “Master Robert Cubie student and [illegible] to be a preacher of the Gospell hath made entered prentise & fellow of Craft and hath payd his booking silver.” The fee in this case, it is interesting to note, was paid. Robert Cubie was not admitted gratis as became the custom later, at least in Scotland, when a clergyman was admitted a member of the order.

The Earl of Winton just mentioned was George, the fifth Earl, who was taken prisoner at the Battle of Preston and was sentenced to death in 1716. He, however, managed to escape from the Tower of London and proceeded to Rome where he died in 1749. Among the many interesting manuscripts preserved in the archives of the Grand Lodge of Scotland are the Minutes of a Lodge of Scottish Freemasons existing in Rome in the years 1735,1736 and 1737, from which we find that the Earl of Winton was himself admitted a Mason under the name (which he assumed on his attainder) of George Seaton Winton at a meeting held at Joseppe’s, in the Corso, Rome, on l6th August 1735.

(See Hughan’s The Jacobite Lodge at Rome.1735-7. published by the Lodge of Research. Leicester.1910.)

Another item of interest is that in this Minute Book we have a copy of the Schaw Statutes engrossed. These “Statutis and Ordinanceis to be obserwitte within this realme sett doun be William Schaw, Maister of the said Craft with the consent of the maisteris efter specifeit” were drawn up by William Schaw in the year 1598 and a copy was sent to all the Lodges for their guidance. William Schaw was born in 1550 and was in the year 1584 appointed “Maister of Wark” by King James VI. He held the appointment until his death in 1602. The copy in this Minute Book differs very little from that found in other Minute Books, and the differences may all be attributed to errors of the copyist. We find in these Minutes one or two cases of breach of these “Statutis and Ordinanceis” recorded, and of fines imposed in consequence thereof – as for example, ” upon the xx day of November the Zeir of God 1599 the brither bein convenitt and find that Wm. Miler haid offendit or: actis qr: for he was convictit in xl lib conform to ye general

actis and bindis him self never to haif ane prentice heirefter w’out of the Maister, of the Ludg of Aitchisons haven.”

And again under date ” the vii day of Januarie the zeir of God 1600. . . and fund Thomas [illegible] to haif ane cowan in his Companie… was ordinit yt: he should pay X lib for his offense.”

It is not our intention to write a complete transcript of the Minute give a copy of some of the earlier and more interesting Minutes.

the consent

qr for it

Book but to

Before reverting to the Minutes themselves we might point out that the earliest Minute is dated 9th January 1598 and the latest in l764, covering a period of over 160 years. The subsequent Minute Book, the one to which Brother D. Murray Lyon refers, is said to date from 1636. This statement requires some slight explanation. It is true that the Book commences with a copy of the Falkland Statutes which are dated the 26th day of October 1636, together with a copy of the Schaw Statutes of 1599, the Old Charges of date 1666, and various other writings to which Brother Murray Lyon makes reference in his History of Freemasonry, but the regular Minutes of the Lodge only begin from the year 1769 and extend to December 1852, when the Lodge become dormant and was subsequently declared extinct. There is thus no overlapping of Minutes in the two books as might at first be supposed. The older Book (that is, the now purchased one) is exclusively a Minute Book, while the Book to which Brother Murray Lyon refers has originally been used at one end as a Register in which are recorded various Statutes and Ordinances affecting Freemasonry, together with the Lodge finances, including bills due to the Lodge, loans granted by the Lodge, annual reports as to the contents of the box, and in general accounts and financial matters. At the other end of the Book, on turning it upside down, the regular Minutes from 1769 are found.

With these introductory remarks we now give the following Minutes in chronological order.


The IX day of Januerie the Zeir of God upon ye quhilk day Robert Widderspone was maid fellow of Craft in ye presens of Wilzam Aytone Elder, Johne Fender being Warden, Johne Pedden Thomas Pettencrief John Crafurd George Aytone Wilzame Aytone younger Hendrie Petticrief ief all fellowis of Craft upon ye quhilk day he chois George Aytone Johne Pedden to be his intenders and instructouris and also ye said Robert hes payit his xx sh. and his gluffiis to everie Maister as efferis.

The XI day of Januarie 1598 Upon quhilk day Alexander Cubie was enterit prenteis to Georg Aytone the quhilk day George Aytone ablishit himself to haif no mo

prentissis withput the license of the brither of ye Ludg in presens of Johne Fender Warden for ye present WiIzarne Aytone elder deacone Johne Pedden Johne Crafurd Thomas Petticrief Wilzam Aytone younger Hendrie Petticrief Georg Aytone clark for ye present Robert Widderspone enterit prentises Richard Petticrief Archibald Glene Ninian gumerie James Petticrief of ye quhilk enterit prentiseis Alexander Cubie chois Archibald Glene and James Petticrief to be his instructoris also ye said Alexander Cubie hes payit xx sh and his gluifis. Upon the XXVIII day of May Johne Petticrief hes payit his x sh to ye buiking of himself his prentischip, being expyrit upone ye viii day of Mairch ye zeir of God 1599 and hes payit bot x sh becaus he was ane free manys sone and hes payit his gluifis to ye cumpanie yat was conwinit Johne Fender Wairden for the present Wilzame Aytone elder deacone Johne Craftird Thomas Petticrief George Aytone Hendrie Petticrief enterit prentiss Ordainit [illegible) James Petticrief WiIzame Petticrief [illegible) the said James Petticrief.

Upon ye XXVIII day of Maii the zeir of God 1599 James Fender hes payit x sh to ye buiking of his self sone to Johne Fender Warden for ye present.
[This Minute has been cancelled.]

The XXVIII day of May 1599

Upone ye quhilk day Johne Low was maid fellow of Craft in ye presence of Johne Fender Warden for ye present Wilzame Aytone elder deacone Thomas Petticrief Johne Crafurd Hendrie Petticrief Wilzam Aytone zounger Georg Aytone all fellowis of Craft also of enterit prentis Richart Petticrief James Petticrief also ye said Johne Low did chuis George Aytone and Wilzame Aytone younger to be his intendars, and hes payit xx sh and his gluifis to ye said cumpanie.

The VII day of Junii l599

Upon ye quhilk day Andro Pattene payit xx sh to his buiking and had servit Vl zeiris of his prentischip and had II zeiris to serve befor yir witnes Johne Fender Wilzame Aytone Thomas Petticrief George Aytone.

Upon the XX day of November the zeir of God 1599 the brither being convenitt and find that Win Miler haid offendit Or Actis qrfor he was convictit in XL lib conform to ye general actis and binds him self never to haif ane prentice heirefter w’out the consent of the Maister of the Ludg of Aitchisons haven.

The XIIII day of December 1599

Upon ye quhilk day Edwart Ramage was maid fellow of Craft and hes payit xx sh for his buiking and hes giwin his gluifis also to ye brither to wit Johne Fender Wairden Wilzame Aytone eldar dikone Wilzame Aytone of Mussilburgh John Pedden Thomas Petticrief Wfizame Miller John Crafurd George Aytone Wilzame ytone younger Hendrie Petticrief Robert Widderspone Johane Low of enterit prentisis James Aytone George Baxter of the quhilk de chuis to be his intenders [illegible] Robert Widderspon.

Upon the VII day of Januarie the zeir of God 1600 being convenit of or brither Wilzeam Aiton of Mussilbrugh Wairden for ye present and Thomas Petticruif Deiken for ye present and John Fender John Pedden Robert Widderspoon Wilzeam Miler Edward Ramage and fund Thomas [illegible] to haif ane cowan in his Companie and had [illegible] the foresd. Cowan qr for it was ordainit yt he should pay X, lib of for his offense and should [illegible] also he was found [illegible] XII day of May and promisit never to offend under the pains containit in or buik of Ordinansis the zeir of God 1600

The zeir of God 1599 Gabriell Lithgow payit his XX sh. for his bukinge and also his glufis upone ye fift day of Agust.

The Secun day of Januarii the zeir of God 1600
The quhilk day Andro Pattene was enterit prenteis to Johne Crafurd his maister and hes payit his xx sh for his boukin and payit his gluifis to his admiteris thare namit ar Wilzame Attoun elder Johne Fender WiIzame Attoun of Mussilbrugh Henre Johne Pedden Thomas Petticruif dikine Wilzame Attoun of enterit prentissis James Petticruif Thomas Faireme Alexander Cubie Johone Petticruif of the quhilk number he has chosin to be his intenders Alexander Cubie and Johone Pettocruif

Upon ye XX day of december
The quhilk day the dewisioun of ye ludg was maid betwixt Milhaven and Newbottle.

What is to be understood by this Minute? Was it that a new Lodge was formed at Newbattle – of which, however, there is no record in Grand Lodge archives – or was it simply a division to facilitate the entry of brethren at the latter place? Newbottle or Newbattle as it is now called, being about five miles distant from Aitchison’s Haven.

At Inneresk Kirk primo Junii 1601 The zeir of
The quhilk day the Wardane & deconie & brethren of Craft of the Maissones within the Ludge of Atchesones heavin being convenit present findis the personis fellowis of craft efternamit quha wer all lawfullie warnit to yis day layt at ye last meiting and also be ye officier of craft to have incurit ye unlaw of fyve pundis. The persones names yat ar absent followis thay ar to say Thomas Abell Jno Abill Wm. Abill in Leswade Johne Aiton Wm. Aiton younger and ordains ye unlawis of ye saìd absens to be exactlie takin up. The same day the enterit prentisis being lawfully ceited. It is fund yat ye persons efter namit ar absentes. Thay ar to say Richart Petticruif Adam Robesone Archd Glen James Petticruff Alexr Cubie Michael [illegible] Edward Rammadge younger James [illegible] George [illegible] James Aiton Walter Jax Symont Wadderspone and yair fore ordainis everie one of ye saidis personis are to incur ye unlaw of ane merk Scottis money.

It is statute that quhatsumevir Mr. or servand yat compeiris not upon Sanct Andros day nixt without any farther warning sall incur the unlawes following yat is to say ilk Mr. five pund and ilk servand [illegible] and this is to be exactlie takin without ony [illegible] Item anent ye playnts gewin in be Thomas Clark aganis Thomas Scheill younger, the brethren convenit finds the said Thomas Scheill to have brokein the Actis maid annentis [illegible) of ye craft and tharfor discharges him [illegible] to ye work he is at or ony uther mans work untill [illegible] tyme he have satisfeit ye actis & payit ye penaltie contenit yairin. And also dischargis him in takin ony wark yat extendis to.greitter availe nor is ten pundis and for obseiving heirof the said Thomas Scheill younger binds and oblissis him to abyde yairat and to that effect findis Thomas Scheill elder caution to satisfie ye next day of meiting.

The XXX day of November at Ennerask Kirk certane brither beand convenit the Warden beand absent and monie uther of ye brither it is ordainit yat our [illegible) sal be halden efter ye dait of Wm. Aytoun younger obligatioune VIII dayis and spatiall warning to be maid be ye officiar to all ye brither both fellowis of craft and enterit prentisses yat eyerie man away haif yair quarter countis reddie and to har and gif thiair wotis in mater as is adoo.

At Mussilbrugh Kirk ye XXVIII day of December 1601 The zeir of God 1602 zeiris at Mussilbrugh we beand convenit and rasavit fra our brither Wilzame Aytoun younger xxx lib xiii sh as also we paylt all our quarter countis first Wilzame Aytoun elder payit, Johone Fender payit, WiIzame Aytoun of Mussilbrugh payit, Johone Peden payit Thomas Petticruif payit, Wilzame Aytoun younger payit Johone Crafurd payit WiIzame Miler payit Johone Aytoun paylt George Aytoun payit,

Robert Widderspoon payit, Thomas Scheill elder payit George Clark payit Thomas Thomas payit Hendrie Petticruif unpayit Thomas Abell, Johone Abell, Wilzame Abell all unpayit, Johane Nisbet unpayit, Johane Low absent and unpayit, Edwart Ramage absent and unpayit.

Of enterit premtisses payit James Aytoun payit James Gyler payit, Richart Petticruif payit, James Petticruif payit, Jhone Petticruif payit Adam Robesone payit Wm. Pattersone payit Georg Baxter payit Archbald Glene payit.

AT Mussilbrugh Kirk ye zeir of God 1602
We put in our box xlii lib ii sh.

The quhilk day ye remanent brethrine beand convenit William Aytoun beand absent of Mussilbrugh and Villiam Milleur ye rest of ye brethrine with mutuall consent hes ordainit and askit of penulties upoun ye absenteris upoun any of ye dayis ordiner to witt:-witsone Monounday and Sen Johannes day beand Vairnit or Unvairnit bote thinkis ye day sall vairens ye selfs sall pay xx sh without ony excus quhilk salbe oupliftit and droukin presentlie upoun ye XXV day Januar.

The zeir of God 1602 Archbald Cowie was maid enterit prentyc and payit his xx sh for his bukin.

The zeir of God 1602 Thomas Nisbet payit his enteries silver quhilk is bot x sh becaus he was ane fre manys sone.

Upon the XIII day of Junii 1603
The quhilk day Johne Pedden and
of craft fra ye dait heirof and
cationeris to serve thankfullie
his sone James hes agreit befoir ye hole brether
hes fund Johne Fender and Thomas Peticrief
durin ye said space James Pedden wit my hand.

The XX day of December 1603
Upon, the quhilk day Ninian Macumfie was maid fellow of craft and is geven his gluffis also to ye brither to wit:-Johne Fender Warden, Johne Pedden deikin, Wm. Aiken Thomas Petticruif Johne Crafurd, Henry Petticruife, Robt Wodderspoone James Petticruf James Pedden prenteisses ye quhilk he [illegible] Robert Wodderspone to be his tender.

The XXVIII day of desember 1603
Upon the quhilk day James Petticrufe was maid fellow of craft and as payit his cess for his buking and is gifin his gluffs also to ye brither to wit Johne Fender Warden, Thomas Petticruf deikin Jhone Pedden, Wm. eiten elder, Johne Crafurd, Henry Petticrufe Ninian Magurnrie all fellows of craft Richart Petticruf, James Pedden prentisses ye quhilk he is schosin Ninian Magumfie to be tender. becaus he was ane fre mannis sone.

The III day of Apryle the zeir of God Im VIet & four zeiris.
The quhilk day James Fender was enterit prenteis to his father and is payit x sh for his buiking to his admitteris ther names ar Johne Fender Wairden, Thomas Petticruffe deikin Wm. Aittone elder, Johne Pedden Henrie Petticrufe, Ninian Magurnrie of enterit prenteisses Adame Robiesone Ara Glaine, Wm. Pettersone, James Pedden of quhilk number he hes schosn Wm. Pettersone, James Pedden to be his tenders.

The XII day of Agust The zeir of God Im VIet and four zeiris
The quhilk day Johne Attaine was enterit prenteis to ye haill Ludge and bundis him to serve his father ii zeir service. Johne Pedden, Andro Simsone catioun John Fender Wairden, Thomas Petticruife deikin, Wm. Aitten elder, Johne Pedden, Hendrie Petticruife, Robert Woderspone, James Pedden James Fender he hes schosn to be his intenderis.

The XII day of Agust ye zeir of God Im VIc and four zeiris ye said Wm. Aitten of Mussilbrugh hes payit Thomas Aittaines buiking x sh ye quhilk he hes fun catioun Thomas Petticrufe vii zeiris to serve his father to his father to gife ten merk or els his sone to gif him ten merk Thomas Petticruf wt my hand for ye hunmest zeir

Upoun ye XXV day of Maii 1609 Williame Peddene is maid fellow off Crafft in presens off ye generall Ludge and hes payit his Buiking silver


Williame Pedden salbe buikit upone the secound day of February the zeir of God Jm sex hundreth and twelf zeiris.

I Alex Aittoun beffoir ye faice off yis sufficent Lodge buikes my self

XXVII day of Decr.1612.
Alexr Petticruiff befoir ye faice of yis sufficent ludge buikes my self XXVII day december Walter Waker hes payit his buiking.
Ye quhilk day befoir ye said ludg Johne Aytone soun to Wm. Aytoun and hes bund him self to his said father ye space of vii zeiris and ane zeir swa [illegible] and [illegible] to serve his mother [illegible] ye said space gif god tak his father and hes payit his buik sillver and Johne Petticruif casione Jonne Aytoun with my hand

The third day of Januar 1614 Thomas Aytoun enterit and payit his buikin

The quhilk day befor ye said Ludge Ninian Mnogumerie sone to Niniane Mungumene hes bound him self to ye space of nyne zeiris and shall serve his father and mother undoring ye said space ane thousand sex hunder and fourtene zeiris Ninian Montgumerie with my hand

The quhilk day befoir ye said ludg Johne Petticruif soun to Hendrie Petticruif and hes bund him self to his said father ye space of aucht zeiris and to serve his mother during his prentischip gif his said father sall inlek and hes payit his bukin ye zeir of god 1605 ye first of Januarie and hes fund Johne Petticruif and Robert Widderspone for his [illegible] John Petticruif with my hand

The last day of Junuar the zeir of God a thowsand six hundreth and twentie four zeiris the bretherine of the lodg being conveinit to wit:-Hendrie Aitene dykin Tho. Peticruife Warden Williarn Aiten elder, Hendrie Peticruife, Minian Mlgombrie Georg Baxter, James Peticruife, James Aitton elder Jno Aitton, James Lithgow, Thomas Aitton elder, Patrik Clunie being maid fellow of craft be the haill wolt of thir above writtin and hes payit his buiking

Upon the 20 day of Junii 1624
Jon, Petticrufe was reseavit fellow of craft befor the brethern of craft and hes payit his buiking silver John Whisone

upon ye XXVII day of descember 1624

Ye brether of ye Loge of Atcheson hevin convenit and hes schosin Johne Petticrowe warden and Thomas Aytoun deikin for yis zeir and James Petticrowe ye keie and Hendrie Peticrufe ye [illegible, but presumed to be “Mortcloth” . ]

The hole brethrine of the Lodge is content yat whosoevir is absent at anie meting when the brethrine of ye Lodg is convenit shall be put in ane penaltie of ane Merk xiii sh and bot anye excuse.

Upon the first day of May Hendrie Aittoun was abceped in the Lodg and payit his buiking silver

Upon ye 29 day of Agowst 1624 Richard Wotherspowne was reseiveit fellow of craft befor their brethring of ye Lowges and hes payed his bowking silewer

The quhilk day the brethreine of the Lodg convinit upon the XXVII day of descember 1625 and hes choson Thomas Aittoun Warden and Johne Peticruf deikone for yis zeir and James Peticruf the Mortcloth and Thomas Aittoun the kie

Upon the XXVII day of descember David Lowe was boukit and paylt his bouking silver

and Edward Ramsch absent at this meiting payeth to ye brethren for his foulay xxvi
upon the 27 day of desember Jho. Hisllipe was bukit and payit his buking silver

Upon the XVIII of Januar Johne Aytoun Mason in Dumfries hes bookit-himself be consente of the hoall brethrine of the Lodg

31 October 1641
Apointed by the Companie for collecting of ye Voluntarie gift of ye morcloath Wm. Aytoun for Ed, James Peticruff for Pans, Patrick Wetherspon for Musselbrugh with Thomas Aytoun and Mathew Witherspon for ye oversight of ye sufficientie of the Morcloath.
Upon the 7 day of Jully 1642 the wholle Maisters of the Lodge of Achesoun haven conveind and did buy ane Morcloathe extending to two hundred lib Scots money and the afterwritten of the said maisters did contribute willingly for the good of the box and hes insert thair names heir in order,

Thomas Aytoun 30 sh Adam Johnstoun 20 sh
James Lithgow 22 Adam Calderwood 27
Thomas Petticruff 2 lb l 4 sh Matho Widderspon 21b 4 sh David Low 21b 2sh James Petticruff 31b

      Patrick Widerspoon 3 lb
      Wm. Lithgow 2 lb 14 sh
      John Pettìcruff 3 lb
      John Thomsoun 2 lb 10 sh   John Anderson
      James Cuthbertsoun   12 sh   James Steine
      Wm. Bishop  22 sh

December 27 1655
It is apointed be the Companie of Achisons Lodge
said Cumpanie be either passed fellow craft or any of the said prentisses be made enter prentisses under the sowme of twelve pund Scots money and to be

Johne Hislope 27 sh
  John Pillans
James Dicksone

3 lb 12 sh

12 sh
2 lb16sh

that ther shall none of the

passed fellow craft and made enter prentise upon the Meeting day which is ordinary the 27 day under the pane of 3 libs Scots mony that shall breakis this act.

Resting in the Box the 27 of December 1656 the sourne of four scoir twelve punds Scots money

Taken out of the box upon the 25 day of Januarie by consent of the Cumpanie 15 pund to by ane fringay to the Morcloth and ane new poch delyverit to Patrik Witherspoun Wardin.

The 27 of December 1677
The quhilk day Alexr Galloway deacon and David Dickson Wairden with consent of the Maisters hes receaved Williarn Smith Clerk of Musselbrugh enter prenteis and fellow craft.

Item it is inactit by the Master of the said Lodge upon the 28th day of December in the zeire 1646 at Invereske yat if ony copies sall be found with ony person keipes the said booke after this tyme be sall pay the sourne of Fourtie pounds scots money and the said person to be depryved of all Societe within the said compane.

(To what does this refer? Surely not to a Ritual! The only other alternative that occurs to us is that it may be to copies of the Old Charges, one of which is to be found in the subsequent Minute Book preserved in the archives of Grand Lodge.)

Upon the 27 day of December 1661 the whole Company being convenid they has inacted an Act to be keipt and observed by all the Masonis of the sid Lodg that no enterit prentes shall be enterit bot upon Sanct Johnis day under the penultay of fourtie Scots munay Lykeways that no fellow of Craft be admitted under the pane of 3 pund Scots munay.

Upon the 27 day of December 1670 the whole Company being conveinit hath enacted an act to be keipt and observit by all the entrant prentisses of the Loodg at Achisone heaven to behav them sealfs acording to thayr deutay acording as thay ar taught in thayr entere prentesip to be layebell first to thar Oath that thay maik to God and secundly to thair Masters and Superriours and gif thay shall transgres in the Leist to ther sayds Masters the sayds enterid prentes who did faullter or guiltay of anay fault put horn to him and aprovid by the testimonie of two honest men thay shall be layabell to pay 10 pund Scots munay with the mersayment of the Companay.

Upon the 27 if december 1681 Edward Brochie was made fellow Craft and hath payed his booking money

Upon the 27 of december 1681 John Smart was made fellow craft

(The preceding article is taken from volume XXIV of Ars Quattuor Coronati (the Transactions of the Quattuor Coronati Lodge, No. 2076 E. C.) and was read as a Paper to the Lodge in March 1911, and is reproduced here with acknowledgements to that Lodge.)

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