01 Jul 2014

Next Meeting 18 September 2014 and Summons

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SMSC-Summons 18th September 2014 A presentation  by W Bro Richard Burrell about Victorian Freemasonry in Tilbury Docks

13 Jun 2014

AGM New Officers

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The AGM of the SMSC was held before the last meeting on June 12th. The full minutes will be published at a later date, but the following officers were elected: Chairman – W Bro Mark Perkins Secretary – Bro Bob Vine Treasurer – W Bro Mike Wilson Webmasters – W Bro Ian Whitley and Bro […]

16 May 2014

A tribute to Alec Hall

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Alec passed to the Grand Lodge above on 3rd January 2011. Amongst his many talents he was the mastermind behind this web site’s construction (amongst many others). With his patient help and instruction, he helped me to maintain two web sites. With the additional help of Terry Maton, I will be endeavouring to maintain this […]

16 May 2014

Meeting 12th June 2014

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SMSC AGM and Summer Cheese and Wine event. a presentation on “The History of the Royal Arch” given by Excellent Companion Yasha Beresiner. Minutes 147 12.06.14